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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Car Work

 The garage is the hub of activity this week. Joshua is taking his holiday and spending it here.

                                            Each car needs some sort of work.

                                          Each is at a different place in the process.

   A little maintenance, a little restoration.  Salty winters can cause a lot of damage over many years.

The dogs are pretty happy to have someone else to hang out with after Marty goes to work. Joshua is pretty much pinned down.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Unexpected Yard Sale Finds

 I had the chance to check out a yard sale not far from here.  This is what I found. Some toy dishes and a couple of  yellow birds.

        A wooden squash shaped bowl with fake gourds in it. Two of the pieces are also wooden.

              Wonderful Scottie dog needlepoint, an neat old frame and a Schlitz metal tray.

 A cute Mary had a little lamb cup, and the other three pieces came from the "free pile."

                               My favourite finds today were these old prints in original frames.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Springtime in the Kitchen

 Lots of eggs coming from the chickens. Time for fresh mayonnaise and egg salad.
what do you like in your egg salad? I prefer celery, mustard, and cayenne pepper.

 Shepherd's pie.  I got creative and instead of cooking all the potatoes together, I did them separately.

One of the best parts of summer is fermented lemonade. You just have to be patient and wait for a few days before enjoying it. You can get the recipe here,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tree Blooms, Ground Birds, and Picking Rocks

        The trees are blooming and things smell lovely here. The decorative crab apple looks lush.

                                     The ancient pear looks ready for a wedding!

                                                     Lilacs are the best part of spring!

                                             Ancient apple trees all abloom.

 Our little orchard. This is its third summer.  Looking forward to some fruit over the next few years. There are peaches, plums, cherries, assorted apples, blueberries, raspberries, and more.

                                       The chickens are pretty happy to be digging in the garden.

 They are not even bothered by the tractor! Of course, IT is uncovering all manner of treats for them.

 A couple of birds found their way to the old manure pile. Lots of goodies to scratch up there.

                     In between the raised beds, this pair pretty much disappears in the leaves

                                        The new rock pile. Those were some big rocks!

                           Here are the treasures unearthed.  The license plate is dated 1929. I took this after dusk so it looks weird.

                                                 We have these hinges in the house.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chasing My Tail

 Things have been busy around here. We have gone from a chilly, wet spring to a couple of very hot days. I only tucked away the winter stuff last week!

 Jacob is settling in and helping with spring yard work.  We got the tree parts from a neighbor who had some trimming done.

Poor Aaron, cutting the grass. There is a green haze over everything as the pollen counts rise. Time to stock up on Kleenex.

 Addy is all leg. I have been collecting pictures of her and how she manages to tangle herself up.

     The days are full. Lots of seeds to tuck into the garden. Thunderstorms this evening.
Maybe things will cool a bit.  Long weekend ahead. I expect it will be a busy summer this year.

              Nice to have someone to snuggle with at the end of the day.  I am told some of our fruit trees are all in bloom. I will try to get pictures tomorrow. Imagine! Our own peaches and cherries.  Well, if the birds don't eat them first.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

This is my mom. She has Alzheimer's.  This is a photo from February, when we last visited her at home.  This is the look of pure joy at discovering her new Glo Worm played "Frere Jacques" and lit up.
She was once an elementary school French teacher so Frere Jacques is a familiar song for her.  She loved antique dolls and toys, and even though her "new" toys are for youngsters, she still loves them!  I got an old shoe bag and filled it up with fun and colourful interactive baby toys. She loved that too.  It's been kind of fun revisiting children's toys now that my guys are grown. No grandchildren yet, but still a fine excuse to pick up special items for my mom.
Happy mother's day to all.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Not Just Another Saturday

 They April showers bring May flowers. This May, although early on in the month, has brought record rainfall and in many places not far from us there is a lot of flooding.  And there is more rain coming.  The spring bulbs are up adding some lovely colour to these grey days.

 The chickens don't seem to mind a bit. Water in dirt brings up all manner of delicious discoveries.

 Early this morning, Joshua and his girlfriend came out for a day of adventure. The first Saturday of May is Merrickville's town-wide yard sale. It has been a few years since my last visit. I was determined not to miss it this year.  With all the rain there were still lots of brave sellers as well as a good number of buyers.  Not the usual numbers but still lots of folks walking and driving about.

                                 The rain just kept coming. There were lots of puddles.

                              This sign in the liquor store window made me laugh.

               Folks were very amenable to offers and little money was spent on today's finds. The box everything is in is a trunk tray. No trunk, Just the cool tray. I got some great vintage fabric remnants. Small prints.

                        Remember the "Little Souls?"  Just below is a Bennington pottery spittoon.

                A cute little doll's travel bed complete with a vintage "Sugar and Spice" doll.

                                       A miniature  building block set and a rubber stamp set.

                                            Some small vintage plastic flowers. The wee Poinsettias are in their original box.

                          My favourite find, a painting from the fifties. I like that there is no face.

 Not too long after I got home and changed into some dry clothes, Marty arrived with Jacob, after a week long drive from Edmonton.  It's been four years since he moved away. Back again, this time in hopes to find work closer to home.

Odelia was super happy to see her favourite "boy" again and Addy thought it was pretty cool to meet someone new as well.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reliving Great Meals at Home

 It was several lifetimes ago that Marty and I visited  The Old Spaghetti Factory in Toronto.  It was before we were married.  I had first been there with my dad on a trip for my sixteenth birthday.  It's still there now.  The last time we were there was years ago during the SARS "epidemic."  Not a lot of traffic then.  Anyway, I am not a big "red sauce" girl and was intrigued by their "Spaghetti a la Homer with Myzithra and Browned Butter. No tomato sauce to be found on this one!

Marty and I bought the cheese shaker when we were there, ever so long ago.

 I finally found I could get Myzithra at the MidEast grocer in Ottawa and so the love affair with this dish continues to this day.  It must be a popular cheese as it is often gone when we drop in. Our last trek out there was successful.

The nice thing about eating out sometimes, is that you get to try new things. If they can make in a restaurant, well, you can make it at home.  A great way to relive old food adventures any time you want.

Tada! Not much to look at but oh so very good. Great with a green salad. So easy too, only three ingredients: a good quality pasta, Myzithra, and brown butter.  What's your favourite special dish?


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